Selasa, 21 Mei 2013


Anggun Rattan Bag is a shop selling handicrafts such as bags made from rattan. In order to achieve your business goals requires a management that can manage everything related to the activities of the company to be more baik.Salah decisions to be taken by the graceful rattan bag is importing these products abroad.
With confidence in the quality rattan possessed began to market its products to several countries, one of the Netherlands. Effort is addressed at Jl. Imogiri km 14, RT 02 gig, Wukirsari, Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta - Indonesia has about 20 employees. The employees who work at the store in advance in order to be trained to master the manufacture of rattan bag. In addition, employees in stores graceful rattan bag more women than men

Sales goals
Anggun Rattan Bag has a vision and mission as well as goals for his business on the run. All that in order to motivate the owner and the employees in order to achieve these aspects.
Vision of elegant rattan bag which can be independent business and can earn maximum profit. As well as to expand the overseas market.
Rattan Bag missions can become a large company, can create jobs for the community and become Rattan Bag handmade crafts company known not only in the country but also can be known abroad.
Rattan Bag goal to achieve greatness and prosperity of the company and the employees of the company can be the best handmade crafts Rattan Bag and get high profit.